Item collection 4431 original

Personalized Crawfish Applique Boutique Pillowcase


Item collection 604836 original

Dancing Gingerbread Girl Applique Boutique Christmas Pillowcase Dress/Available Sizes 6M, 9M, 12M, 18M, 2T, 3T, 4T or 5


Item collection 264563 original

Personalized Purple and Gold Fleur de Lis Boutique


Item collection 15506 original

Bees in Flight Boutique Pillowcase Dress/Personali


Item collection 15735 original

Ladybugs Delight Boutique Pillowcase Dress/Persona


Item collection 16574 original

Polka Dot Delight Boutique Pillowcase Dress/Person


Item collection 22815 original

Princess Frog Boutique Pillowcase Dress


Item collection 23746 original

Purple and Gold Tiger Paw Print Pilloiwcase Dress


Item collection 24334 original

Turquoise Boutique Pillowcase Dress/Popsicle Ribbo


Item collection 27596 original

Turquoise Princess Boutique Pillowcase Dress


Item collection 28039 original

Summertime Flowers Pillowcase Dress Personalized


Item collection 51330 original

Black/White PolkaDot Personalized Pillowcase Dress


Item collection 51333 original

Black/White PolkaDot Personalized Pillowcase Dress


Item collection 55031 original

Paisley Fun Boutique Pillowcase Dress



I hope you enjoy browsing these items that I have created with great care. I have been sewing since my 5 children were young. Although my children, and grandchildren, have outgrown the items I create, it still brings much joy and happiness to spend my days in this manner. Everything I know I learned from my mom who was a stickler for neatness and perfection. Because of this, all of my items are created with the utmost care so that lasting durability is achieved.

I truly enjoy creating new masterpieces, and look forward to working with you to create that special custom item that will also bring you happiness and joy.